Our tethered drones have wide applications across industries. Discover the many uses of our evolving technology.

Public Safety

In High Risk Warrant situations, situational awareness is key to ensure the safe, timely arrest of a suspect. Superfly gives police officers the ability to have a continuous video feed of the situation for hours without switching batteries or actively piloting the aircraft.

In event security, it’s often very difficult to deploy sufficient personnel to adequately cover a large area. Superfly allows police to survey complex environments with fewer personnel, enabling the detection and management of dangerous situations more effectively.


Cellular on Wheels (COW) systems have remained the standard for temporary, low-cost telecommunications infrastructure for the past several decades. Despite their prevalence, current COW systems suffer from substantial design problems that make them difficult to deploy. Particularly, these systems tend to be very expensive and lack portability.

In conjunction with a large international telecommunications company we have developed  a reliable, low cost, and mobile telecommunications system based on our tethered drone technology. We call it Telelift.


Regular aircraft maintenance is paramount when it comes to airline safety. Scheduled and unscheduled aircraft down-time can result in potential loss of revenue for the airline. Our tethered drone technology minimizes the time spent in the hangar, resulting in quicker turnaround times. 

Spooky Action is collaborating with a major airline to write software that helps autonomously detect the location and severity of damage on an aircraft, making maintenance faster than ever before. Our Jetscan service is in use at Minneapolis airport as part of required maintenance protocols.