Introducing Superfly

Superfly is our flagship tethered drone system. It revolutionizes how you can use a drone. While existing drone systems can only fly for 30-40 minutes, Superfly enables endurance flight times. It is the building block for all our products.

Superfly requires no permanent modification to an existing drone. It can be installed in seconds and easily swapped for a battery for untethered flight.

Compatible with DJI M200/ M210/ Inspire 2, Yuneec H520/H920 and most custom drones

Available with 4k, thermal and zoom camera configurations

Integrated battery backup

Superfly’s tether is impossibly thin, yet still capable of delivering massive amounts of power to the drone.

Ships with 200 feet tether standard

Built to last with DuPontTM Delrin® zinc-plated steel cross-members

Enables up to 10 hours of continuous, autonomous flight time

The ground control station continuously monitors the tension on the tether, and spools the wire to ensure the exact amount is released for any given altitude.

Power conversion capacity up to 3KW

Light weight, durable, portable

Housed in PelicanTM 1610 protector case, shock proof and water-resistant