Introducing TeleLift

TeleLift is a revolutionary drone-based cell tower, designed to provide network coverage to a large area quickly. TeleLift can lift an EnodeB to an altitude of 100-400 feet AGL and is programmable for up to six weeks of continuous flight.

Flying Cell Tower

Powered by Spooky Action’s SuperFly tether. Simply connect to a 6KW power supply (240VAC) and TeleLift receives flight power indefinitely. It can be powered from standard wall-outlets and generators.

Multiple Configurations

TeleLift supports a wide variety of LTE base-bands. Some configurations include:

  • TeleLift + Klas Voyager Cell Duo: 2 x 5W MiMO, 100 Users
  • TeleLift + Nokia Small Cell : 5W
  • TeleLift + Nokia MiniMacro: 20W


While traditional Cellular-on-Wheel systems are bulky and cumbersome, TeleLift goes everywhere. It can be transported by a single person, fits in the boot of most vehicles, and conforms to the standards of airline check in.